Tonight, two hot teams will play each other in one should prove to be an exciting defensive shift battle. Both teams have great defenses, in Minnesota's case it's excellent, and both have great penalty kills.

The Sens have an advantage on offense with the obvious Pizza Boys and resurgent secondary guys such as Nick Foligno and Mike Fisher. Brendan Bell has responded to his recent healthy scratch brilliantly, as he is leading that power-play like no one else has done this season(sorry Kubes). Brian Lee has been amazing since his call-up a month ago, and has cemented his sport on this lineup.

Both teams are in the crosshairs of trade deadline speculation, but heading into different directions. Ottawa look to be sellers on March 4th while the Wild should be buyers. I have had a quick rumor come by me that the Wild are looking for a defenseman, and Filip Kuba is on their radar. Right now I've heard we could see Miikko Koivu coming back in exchange. I personally don't see it happen but I've seen stranger things and it owuld be pretty cool for Miikko to be in a Sens jersey and face his big bro Saku more times.

So, the magic crystal ball predicts a close, 2-1 victory for the Sens(Lee, Winchester; Clutterbuck). By the way, I love that name. Cal Clutterbuck. Wish he was in a Sens jersey(heck, I wish everyone was in a Sens jersey, ok maybe except Carey Price and Mike Duffy).

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!


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