Nittymaki scares me as much as those jerseys he's wearing scares me. He may not be your type of goalie, but he has one of the best reflexes in the game. I'm sorry Dany Heatley, but your're gonna have another tough night tonight.

There is no changes from last night's game, and really, why should there be? The only thing that should be concentrated tonight is that to take fewer penalties, because it's back-to-back tonight and the penalty killers are going to tired tonight. Let's also hope the referees tonight be just tonight(cough cough triple-minor, WTF?!?!). We should see an agressive game from our secondary scorers. With that, we can win the game.

Magic crystal ball says 3-2 OT win tonight(Foligno, Foligno, Lee; Upshall, Carter) and a good all around effort tonight for the first every 3-game win streak of the year.

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!


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