With Erik Karlsson possibly looming into next year's roster along with Mattias Karlsson, Patrick Wiercioch, and Brian Lee vastly improving, has Phillips' time as a Sen run out? It may have so.

Phillips has enjoyed many great years in the Nation's Capital. The former first overall pick has been the best defenseman on this team for the last decade. He has filled the role of defensive defenseman very well, and many fans would not like to see him part. However, this year hasn't been good for Chris. While his offensive numbers have slightly improved, his plus/minus is a dysmal -19. Not good at all for our shutdown defenseman. He has seen Brian Lee and Jason Smith take over his spots at various times during the season, and as explained before, with the many defensive prospects coming in, the budget isn't right for Phillips.

There have been some rumblings about Murray making a move on him, but I don't expect anything during the Trade Deadline. We will however, see talks heat up for Chris, especially for Edmonton who is lacing a shutdown defenseman. What would come in return? I would expect a 1st rounder and a minor league prospect.

What do you, Sens fans think? Trade CP4 or not?

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