Since it looks like the Sens are lacking gas to make the playoffs, trade speculation(if it already hasn't) should heat up. I've been hearing multiple players being involved in straight swap deals or multi-player deals. Here are the top 5 players likely to be traded by Trade Deadline Day.

#5- Jason Spezza

I hate to say it, but if the Sens keep continuing to play like they are, lavish Ottawa fans and media are going to start blaming the Spez Dispenser, and eventually if Bryan Murray starts rebuilding this team, Spezza will be the centre of it. Spezza should not be traded though, he is a great player and is working harder thanany other player on the team

#4- Chris Kelly

Kelly has not exactly been a goal scorer in his career, and his possibility of being traded is not on his play. It's the pure product that Kelly is trade bait and they can dump his salary to get a goal-scorer

#3- Mike Fisher

Fisher has been hugely underachieving this year. Even though he is winning more battles on the board, he is having problems scoring, and his deadly salary needs to be dumped if we start rebuilding this team. I think teams will be interested in getting him as a hard-working centre, despite his salary

#2- Antoine Vermette

Vermy has been underachieving also, and he is supposed to be a goal-scorer. There are teams interested in him, but his value is at an all-time low

#1- Christoph Schubert

Schubert is expandable and with Lee playing great recently, Schubert is out of the equation

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