The Fastest Skater Competition was boring. The Youngstars Game was extremely saddening. The Accuracy Shooting Competition was okay to say at the least, the Elimination Shootout was pretty cool, and the Breakaway Challenge was better than last year. Here's some changes I would make to the Skills Night.

#1- Put in retired goalies for the Yongstars Game

Don Cherry mentioned this, and it is really a fabulous idea. No offense to Pekka Rinne or Carey Price(ok, maybe I hate Carey Price), but it would be awesome to see the rookies play the sophomores with Gary Galley, Kelly Hrudey, Darren Pang, or Glenn Healy in nets. Come on, you know you want this to happen!

#2- New Event: Pepsi Puck-Handling Competition
Jason Spezza would win this competition every year. It would be great to see which player boasts the better puck skills, especially since in previous years this was one of the main components of the Skills Night.

#3- New Event: Bridgestone Charity Shot Competition
Basically the same as TSN's thing, where 6 players each have 1 minute to get a maximum of 20 pucks into the net from center line before time runs out. Give a twist to it , like, players can also sabbotage another player's shot. The player who wins gets $20,000 do their charity.

#4- New Event: Sprite Goalies Shootout
As before, you have 6 goalies from the All-Star Teams plus the 2 old-timer goalies from the YoungStars Game. They participate in a shootout were 2 players from each All-star Team dress as goalies. Last goalie standing wins. Simple, but pretty cool.

Given I'm talking about the All-Star Game now, I'll give the crystal ball a shot. 9-6 East win(Heatley4, Ovechkin2, Malkin, Savard, Lecavalier; Doan2, Souray, Nash, Getzlaf, Brown) as Heatley of course gets the MVP honors.

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!


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