March 4th is not far away. Ottawa is in the group where they haven't decided what what they're going to be on TD Day. They can be sellers, by getting some draft picks in the deep pool this year and managing their future, or if they continue their hot streak, they can acquire some skill players to compliment their playoff push. Otherwise, here are 5 players who can be traded on Canada Day #2.

5- Jarkko Ruutu

Ruutu, unfortunately, is expandable. There are some teams asking about his availablility and if Ottawa goes in a deep, deep hole, Ruutu could be traded to a contender. Possibilities include the Blue Jackets, Bruins, and Hurricanes.

4- Christoph Schubert
Schubie Doo is definetly on the block, however, no one wants him unless he's included in a package deal. Schubert hasb een playing better as of late, but with Brian Lee and Brendan Bell playing miles better than him, there simply isn't any more room for him. He might face the same destiny Gerbs is facing right now.

3- Mike Fisher
Fisher has played below expectations this year, and is on pace for 10 goals and 30 points this season, a 17 point drop off from last year. There are teams interested in adding a centre checking forward, and Fisher fits the bill. Another obvious problem is his albatross salary. 4.5 million for a 30 point player? Ouch. Possibilities include the Blue Jackets, Oilers, and Coyotes.

2- Antoine Vermette
Vermette has been on a roll lately, but it's no secet he's a had trouble with his own mind. He is on pace for 34 points, a huge dropoff from last year and there are still some teams lined up for him as not only a centre, but a penalty killer, something many contenders don't have. Possibilities include the Canadiens, Blue Jackets, Panthers, Blackhawks, and Coyotes.

1- Filip Kuba
While the world markets plunge into red deficit, Filip Kuba sees his soaring to limits. He's on pace for 50 points this season, a career-high. A lot of teams are interested in him, and all of them are playoff or even Stanley Cup contenders. There should be some value coming back, and it oculd help the cause for the future. Possibilites include the Canadiens, Sabres, Flames, Coyotes, Rangers, and Blue Jackets.

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