Festivus Maximus!

Two special events have illustrated the past weekend for the Sens. First, Martin Gerber was put on waivers and Bryan Murray finally succumbed to fan and media pressure by stating Gerber won't play a game in black and red this season and for the rest of his career. Gerber had his moments, he was god for the 1st half of last season, and everyone was happy with his play. However, he lacked consistency. He had the poorest glove ever(except against the Penguins in Round 1) and gave us gargantuan rebounds. I hope him the best of luck in his career, and personally, I'd love it if he came back with Team Switzerland next year and shutout Canada again.

Secondly, news leaked that there is a chance that the 2012 NHL All-Star Game will be hosted by...you guessed it...your own Ottawa Senators. It would be pretty cool and I thought last night's All-Star Game, which I attended, was awesome to see live. I would make the trip to watch it, and as exemplified by the World Juniors this year, this Ottawa crowd will break any records!

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