Harpooning The Trappers

The puck will drop for the second half of this season tonight as the Sens face their foe from south of the border, the "New Jersey" Devils. you get it? No? Oh, well I tried.

Brian Elliott will start tonight and I am quite surprised. I thought Auld would get the start to rest Elliott after starting 5 straight games. He is a rookie and management has to be careful with him, you don't want to mess up the goalie of the future in the present. However, Elliott is on a roll and Harts noted he's been working on his rebound control real hard. Good for Ells.

In a not much of a shocker move Christoph Schubert and Jason Smith are scratched. Peter Regin will take Schubert's spot who is replacing the injured Shean Donovan. Smith is the odd man out tonight and there is quite log-jam at defense right now and it seems like Brendan Bell will go down to Bingo.

The Sens will win this game if they can control the Devils' firepower, something they haven't done this year so far against them. Heatley will be counted on for adding his usual scoring touch but I imagine Hartsburg laying out a more balanced attack.

The magic crystal ball(which by the way predicted the ASG right) says 3-2 OT loss tonight for the Sens(Alfredsson, Lee; Gionta, Zubrus, Madden).

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!


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