The summer of Dany Heatley might be coming to an end. Everyone said Heatley was going to go before the draft or even before the free agency period started. Well, that almost happened. In what is becoming a summer of discontent for many Sens fan alike, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The question is, however, will Bryan Murray and co hurry up and the find the light, or, as he is known for, will it take little steps to reach the golden land. The golden land being the all-elusive Stanley Cup.

Dany is either going to Edmonton, Minnesota, San Jose, or staying right here in Ottawa. I've heard that the Wild may take their offer up a notch but the Oilers have said they won't be waiting much for the Heater and San Jose has HUGE cap problems. If this issue is not resolved by August 15th you can bet your feathers that Heatley staying in the Nation's Capital. Truth be told, Sens fans need to see this from the perspective of the interested teams. If you're Steve Tambellini, would you really give away Andrew Cogliano and Ladislav Smid for a problematic forward like Heatley? Would you take a greybeard in Jason Smith? San Jose might want to shake up a little bit, but how are they going to do it? Unless they move Cheechoo or Marleau they can't do anything at all. Also, why damage this team insanely. The Sharks are a perfectly fine team. They have the talent and grit to win the Cup. They just need to change their midsets, not mortagage the future for Heatley. Minnesota obviously needs a big forward to play with Marty Havlat and Mikko Koivu, but is Heatley really the snwer? For god sakes Koivu is a great playmaker, they can get Todd Bertuzzi for 5 mil less than Heatley and he will score 40 goals alongside Koivu and Havlat. Something to note is that the Wild have to WORST prospect pool in the league. Yes Sens fans, there is one even worse than us. The team waqs built as a trap by now ex-GM Doug riseborough and it will remain a trap until they completely re-tool and re-stock.

However, one has to think Heatley can't stay in the Big O. How could he be face-to-face with Cory Clouston after all that has happened. Spezza, Neil, and Alfie have all burned him. I can somehow see him back, but I thought Murray wanted to get rid of locker room antics.

In all of this, I see Heatley being traded to Minnesota. Somehow Murray will work out a deal with Chuck Fletcher. Just somehow. Let's hope it's the right one.

Dany Heatley, Chris Kelly for Brent Burns, James Sheppard, Cody Almond

Bet on it.



  1. Anonymous said...
    Sub in Gillies instead of Almond and I think we got something here... Though I really do think Heater needs to be replaced by a top-flight forward. Don't know if Sheppard can fit in.

    Edmonton deal IMO is still the best.
    Anonymous said...
    I strongly doubt Burns would be dealt for Heatley. The suggested deal is way beyond "best case scenario".

    It's hard to tell right now, but we're still going to be disappointed in the return.
    Anonymous said...
    To the guy asking for more... LOL
    Burns has more value than Penner, Cogliano, and Smid put together. Propose Burns for those 3 to Fletcher, you guy to see him laugh in your face. Add in Shepphard...
    Anonymous said...
    would heatley go to minny? I'd take that deal in a heartbeat if i were bm. but then, i'd take the oil deal as well. And burns has a lot of value, but certainly nowhere close to those 3 guys together. Heatley barely has that value. Do you think minny would hesitate for 1 second if bm asked for burns straight-up for heater?


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