In similar context, Dany Heatley told Bryan Murray to go find him a trade, and he's gone from Ottawa. Well, Murray went out, and probably neglected his family just to help Heatley and his family. He found him a trade, though not the best one, and all Heatley had to do is do what he said before, get out of Ottawa. He didn't, and he's now getting help from his neighbours in his matters. There's not Heatley rumors today, but I just wanted to remind everyone that, even though he's a "Canadian Boy", he's no icon and neither a role-model.

Bryan Murray is persuing a free agent by the name of P.J. Axelsson. He's a good two-way forward and a potential second line centre. I'm hearing it may be a 2 year contract worth around $1.7 million/year. Axelsson and Alfredsson are very good friends and I bet that Alfie had something to do with it. Foligno, Axelsson, and Alfredsson could be a very solid line. Of course if he signs you would think Chris Kelly is gone from Ottawa.

A lot of you have been asking about the status of Christoph Schubert. There are still some people in management that want to keep him but I don't get why because unless they strap some goalie pads on him. Right now there aren't teams really interested in him but my guess is that he'll find himself in Russia in a few weeks.

An RFA that may be an interesting option is Tuomo Ruutu. He was amazing last year for the Hurricanes and would look good in a Sens uniform for cheap. Plus, his brother can convince him to come here.

I've had some very interesting entries in the contest to become a Sens Buzz writer. Something has come up and I won't be at the computer on July 15th so I've moved the deadline back to July 14th. Remember to email your entry at by the Deadline!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I would like to see Axelsson in a Senators uniform.
    Anonymous said...
    Axelsson is not a top six guy. And you can't throw a stick without hitting a bottom six forward (or 3rd pairing d) in ottawa. And it's basically the same money kelly gets. And he's way older. I must say, I don't really get it. But I do know BMs working on a long-term plan right now.

    Oh, and hi Alfie!! (anon1211)
    Anonymous said...
    so all you need to be able to do as a sensbuzz writer is make up bullshit right
    Anonymous said...
    I'm pretty sure the author of this blog is borderline retarded.
    Anonymous said...
    He's only retarded if he expects any of us to believe this shit.
    Anonymous said...
    I can bullshit pretty well!
    take me!
    watch this....

    Heatley trade imminant(E4)

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