As I posted on Twitter some mintues ago, I spoke to a source who believes Bryan Murray likes the Sharks' offer the best. There are trying to sort out what will be packaged with Heatley. What was reported is that the Sharks would like Chris Kelly as well but Murray would like them to take on a different salary, such as Jason Smith or Alexandre Picard. Murray has told the media he will be the one waiting for the calls, instead of making them. Definetly, it means the ball is in Doug Wilson's court. I still think it's the Oilers' game to lose, but the Oilers are leery of surrendering Denis Grebeshkov instead of Ladislav Smid. Minnesota also have an offer in place but it's one that Murray would like GM Chuck Fletcher to change.

The P.J. Axelsson talks have stopped for now as Axelsson wants to take a break to re-think his thoughts. As thought before, it seems as if one of his friends back from Sweden Daniel Alfredsson is doing soem calls to convince him to sign with the Sens. Both sides are agreeing on a $2.3 million/ year contract but Murray doesn't want him under for more than 3 years, while Axelsson would like to finish his career with the team he signs with. The KHL is also a possibility for P.J. but he would like to stay in the NHL.

It seems as if Jason Smith is the odd man out on defense. He has an expensive contract with him and is getting old. He can be a really good warrior for you, and he blocks shots as well. He might retire and just like Luke Richardson assume a job with the team, but Murray would like to see what they can get in return for him. One interested party is the Edmonton Oilers, where Smith spent his better years.

Remember, tonight is the last time you can submit your entry to become a Sens Buzz writer. I've had 4 entries come in so far and all of them have been very entertaining. Tomorrow early morning I will e-mail the 2 winners and give them their permissions right away. I will also write a post saying who the winners are, but i nthe morning since I won't be at a computer for the rest of the day.


  1. Anonymous said...

    There's just nothing more to say about this blog.

    Give up the "insider" schtick. You have no insider info. If you think you do, you should really "re-think your thoughts" - whatever the fuck that means.

    Axelsson for 1.7 per year was dumb but now ur bumping it to 2.3?? Just stop.

    Report the actual news.
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Murray isn't going to get anything for Smith. If anything, Murray is figuring out whst else he has to give for someone to take Smith.
    Anonymous said...
    Give it up you are making all of this stuff up.

    Also the Sharks prospsal was not the best.

    If it included Clowe then it would be the best.

    I think that you made that offer up.
    Anonymous said...
    Looks like it's time to block out the anonymous bloggers.
    Anonymous said...
    wait i thought you said Grebs was already OFFERED last week in one of your older blogs?

    Anonymous said...
    I might as well blog since all you need to do is make shit up obviously like your blogs are good when you don't make up rumors so why don'T you stay away from that and you probably wouldn't get lipped like you do, and anon 1:51 your retarded to, clowe is another overpaid penner you'll see that next season when the sharks regret overpaying him after a decent year, they tend to do this.. See Cheechoo
    Anonymous said...
    Anon 3:58

    Clowe is worth what he got from the Sharks they did not overpay.

    Also you do not know what you talking about.
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Clowe is so over rated it's not funny. We already have one ridiculously overpaid 3rd liner, why would we want two? Especially when clowe has played over 61 games once in four years, and scored over 20 goals once. He's absurdly overpaid. Thank god he won't be coming here.

    Anonymous said...
    Anon 8:41 or Pg
    You are so wrong it is not even funny.

    You don't even have clue what you are talking about.

    Clowe is a very good player!
    Anonymous said...
    Honestly, I am not trying to offend but if you want to post something, at least make it realistic. Axelsson at 2.3??? He is 35 and no one has picked him up yet. He would jumping for joy to get an offer around 1.5. Lets  think it through before we post.

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