First of all, thank you to everyone who has been sending me your questions about what's next for Bryan Murray in the off-season. It's fun to answer your questions. Here are the latest rumors around the net.

The Fourth Period reports that the "Heatley to Oilers" deal is still alive. Dave Pagnotta says that Heatley never officially rejected the deal and reports say he might still be considering it. I've heard that the Oilers aren't going to be waiting on Heatley much longer. Currently this is a game of cat and mouse between Murray and the Oilers, Sharks, and Wild. Bryan is trying to "elevate" the offers by saying to one GM he's considering the other deal. Personally, that's my conspiracy theory but I think Murray might be considering keeping Heatley for the season.

Other than Heatley, the Sens still have assets and their disposal. The 6th defenseman role is still up for grabs between Jason Smith and Alexandre Picard. Many fans' best guess is that one of the two will be packaged with Heatley if he gets traded. There aren't much teams interested into the two. Obviously Edmonton would love to bring back their former captain Jason Smith, and I posted on Twitter that Columbus likes Picard, though I doubt it with the emergence of their defensive prospect Kris Russell. I personally think Jason Smith would be a better linemate with Brian Lee than Alexandre Picard. Chris Kelly is beign thrown around by Murray but things are closed as of now. Detroit are still the only interested team as said before. Christoph Schubert would like to be traded out of Ottawa but don't bet on it since there will be NO takers for the German.

On the free agent market, P.J. Axelsson is receiving more offers for his servcies and he may not at all come to Ottawa. Even though he would like to play with his friend Alfie my best guess would be that he will be shortly packing the bags and heading to Sweden. The New Jersey Star Ledger, however, is reporting Ottawa is one of few teams interested in RFA Travis Zajac. Zajac had 62 points last year with the Devils and will likely want a huge increase on the $984,000 he made last year. I haven't heard anything about this but it sure is interesting.


  1. Anonymous said...
    rfa offer sheets are bad ideas, imo. Can you think of one that has worked out well? I like what Smith has done throughout his career, but he is not a good fit here. He's too slow with not enough upside. But I do like the fact that he seems to be the guy most willing to clear guys from the front of the net. I don't get why there is so little interest in picard. He seems okay to me with still some potential to be tapped.

    I'm glad BM is working it best he can to move heachoo, but I want him gone. I do not want him in the line-up opening day. And I would like to say I won't go see any games until he's moved, but it wouldn't be true. I just like the sens too much. But I will be pissed.

    Anonymous said...
    You've only got one comment and I'm sure you've got far less web hits.

    Don't think that its just coincidental with the time of year and the lack of news.

    People know you're full of it and they don't bother coming here anymore.

    You had your audience by pertending to have sources and you lost them by keeping up the sharade.

    You blew it.

    You suck.
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Man guys, if you don't like the blog why the hell do you not only keep reading it, but commenting as well? Didn't your mothers teach if you if don't like it shut up and f--- off? No? Well I'm telling you now.

    Anonymous said...
    Actually, I did like it, but Ek-part deux just couldn't stop the bullshit schtick.

    Now, I see only the bullshit and the massive, gaping holes in logic and really don't plan on coming back anymore.

    So, I thought I would alert him to the causes of his lost viewership... His lies.

    People aren't stupid...we can spot a fraud. If he'd only source his rumours, like "I got this from the 4th period" or wherever, instead of claiming league sources JUST like K.Lie and Eklund do...

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