6 minutes ago, the NHL released the 2009-2010 regular season schedule, something I have been waiting for a long time. As did the Sens' schedule, which features, again, at least 1 game vs. every team in the NHL I predicted on Twitter that we would host Chris Pronger and the Flyers in our home opener. Looks like my predictions was wrong.

Here's a link to the schedule...http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyseason.htm?team=ott

Our first game is on October 3rd, a Saturday against the New York Rangers. Home opener night is October 8th against the New York Islanders. Circle that date, it will be the first time the Canadian messiah John Tavares comes to town not in a Canadian uniform.

Here's some dates to circle...

October 12th- vs. Pittsburgh Penguins(Here Come the Chumps!)
October 17th- @ Montreal Canadiens(Also known as the night Kovalev scores 9 goals)
November 26th- vs. Columbus Blue Jackets(LeClaire faces the guy that stole his job)
December 3rd- @ Los Angeles Kings(Can we actually score a goal against these guys?)
December 19th- vs. Minnesota Wild(Comeback already granted?)
February 13th- @ Detroit Red Wings(Pretty good intra-conference rivalry going on here)

Alos you've gotta think IF Dany Heatley is traded, the day he faces his old team mates will be pretty feisty. Are we gonna see a Brendan Bell return? A Mike Comrie return?


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