Thanks to everyone who stopped by the earlier chat earlier today. It's fun talking about the Sens and the NHL. The main topic was Dany Heatley, of course, but there were many more topics discussed, such as Chris Kelly, Brian Elliott, and Alexei Kovalev.

Many reports suggest the Columbus Blue Jackets may have entered the Heatley Sweepstakes, and even though it does make sense from a financial standpoint, I haven't heard anything about Scott Howson talking to Bryan Murray. The two have talked a lot the past year and Murray may have taken some flak for not pulling of the Auld-Russell trade, so let's say the talks between the two are off for now. San Jose is piecing an offer together and many people are wondering who would be in it. Milan Michalek is a possibility along with Joe Pavelski and/or Ryan Clowe. A darkhorse, as mentioned earlier, are the Pittsburgh Penguins who would absoulutely love to have Heatley and Sidney Crosby together. The hot rumor was Chris Kunitz, Alex Goligoski, and the Pens' 1st rounder in 2010 for Heatley. I like the deal and it also puts the Sens and Pens under the Cap. However, my money's still on the Edmonton Oilers. Bryan Murray has to give htis ultimatum to Heatley whther he likes it or not, it's Oilers or Sens. I've heard Jason Smith may be going to Edmonton along with Heatley for Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner, and Tom Gilbert. I expect a deal to be done by the end of July.

Chris Kelly is also an interesting player to watch. His stock has dropped dramatically and is making a lot of money for his type of play. Jesse Winchester is a cheaper, younger version of Kelly. Detroit is interested because they need a PK'er, and Florida may be as well. The return may be a high pick or a mid-tier prospect. There is also word Murray may be trying to acquire Jiri Hudler's arbitration rights. I think Kelly is gone but he might stay.

As I said to some people during the Live Chat, I will be going on vacation from August 5th to September 1st to Europe. I won't be able to access a computer unless I have time, which I doubt but I will try. However, I want to keep Sens Buzz up and running during my leave so I am looking for 2 authors to become the main writers during my vacation and co-authors when I come back. If you are interested, please e-mail me at In you're e-mail, please include your name and location, and an essay of min. 100 words. You will have to write about what you would do to the Sens if you were Bryan Murray. Deadline is July 15th. When I choose the 2 writers, I will get e-mail the permissions and you can start blogging!


  1. Anonymous said...
    100 word essay? that's more like a paragraph
    Anonymous said...
    I don't think Heatley ends up with the Oilers.

    I am putting my money on SJ Sharks so I predict that Heatley ends up with the Sharks at the end of July.

    I predict that the Senators will recieve Clowe and one of Vlacsic or Erhoff and a first round pick in 2010.
    pg said...
    Where do these sharks rumours come from? They have yet to put anything on the table from what I hear, yet they've been mentioned since day 1 (not saying thery aren't in there, but..). From what I hear, howson is very seriously considering offering filatov and/or voracek, and/or pick for heachoo, has yet to put it on the table but talks have started.

    If that Auld/Russell thing was for real, why did BM balk? Doesn't make sense to me.

    Do we find out who your source is if we write for you?
    hambown said...
    pg: the oilers leak was a big blunder, I don't think we'll hear about any more offers until a trade as agreed upon by all three parties.

    I think Howson probably said to someone that he wanted to make an offer, but hasn't committed to anything yet, and issued his denial to avoid looking foolish (like the Oilers did :)). The sharks are probably in a similar position.

    If Howson can somehow convince the ownership that this deal will help them make money in the longer term (especially if they only pay 3.5m of Heatley's salary this year), plus win on the ice now, then maybe it will get done. I think BM would push for at least Filatov / Voracek, roster player, pick, plus one of our defense goes to CLB.
    pg said...
    Unrelated: How f---ed are chicago going to be in a year or two? Versteeg and barker each at 3.1? Hossa, Campbell, Seabrook, Keith, Toews, Kane.

    I still think heater goes to BJs or the oil. Basically cause it's all I've heard from my pathetically low source -with the leafs no less). I really hope clowe (4 seasons: 20 goals once, played in over 60 games once) does not end up here, he's in the same category as penner in my books- only less durable. I just think we already have enough guys here who know how not to score, lets replace one of our guys who does with some young fast gunners.

    Fair enough about the not hearing comment. I'm literally amazed at how tight a ship the sens upper brass is. It's amazing.

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