Tuesday Night Rumors

This is a new feature I'm trying out for the off-season so pretty much I hope it works. Here zee go!

-I mentioned a week ago how the Avs were interested in Dany Heatley. Apparently, there may be more teams in the hunt including, yes, the New York Islanders(gasp!). A deal with the Islanders would possibly include, yes, the first overall pick of the Draft(another gasp!). There is a big market for a high-scoring winger and Heatley is one of the names in the mix.

-I've been asked about the future of Jason Smith. He didn't have his best year including missing the rest of the season because of a lower body injury. I've been told he is contemplating his future but don't expect a quick decision to come out. I expect him to announce his choice mid- August.

-July 1st isn't very far, and expect some rumblings to come in Sens' land in the next few days. I've heard the Sens are interested in Ales Kotalik, Mikael Samuelsson, Jiri Hudler, PJ Axelsson, and Phil Kessel. Right now Bryan Murray is talking to Ken Holland about the services of Hudler in exchange for Chris Kelly and a draft pick. However, I fully expect PJ Axelsson to sign with the Sens. It's been rumored for a long time and Alfredsson would likely convince his Swedish buddy to come over to the good side.

-On the draft font, the 9th pick overall could be a very interesting one. I actually heard a rumor that Ottawa and St.Louis are talking a swap of some picks(9th for 18th, 48th, 108th) so the Sens in the meantime could get more picks and also draft Chris Kreider. Kreider is a very skilled player who has been compared to the likes of Jordan Staal and Rick Nash. It's possible guys.

-On the GM front, it seems as if Murray will stay for the 09-10 season. If it's another season of wary excuses, then he's gone. I've heard Bryan is in contention for the President Role which would open the GM Role to you guessed it, Steve Yzerman.


  1. pg said...
    Moving heatley would be amazing, but getting on the top picks would have to be part of the deal IMO. But of course there's always the NTC, would he really be willing to go to the Islanders?

    Why would we give up kelly AND a pick for a guy we could sign in four weeks for nothing? I guess we would basically be giving up a pick to unload his contract.

    Trading down to me if there's someone that can be had theat they really like is a good idea, although I would REALLY like to see them get one of those elite top six or seven guys.

    If they really are considering moving heater, does this mean that spez is off the table? Or is there just more interest in Heatley?

    Good site BTW, keep it up.
    T-Money said...
    Heatley would waive his NTC to go to NY, just not the NY Islanders. Heater isn't going anywhere. BM put all his eggs in the basket with Spez, Heater, Alfie and Fisher, and trading one of them now would admit to a huge mistake on his part, and I think he is too loyal to his core players to trade them after a subpar year and a half. If these guys(except Alfie) have so-so years again, then trading them will become more of a need.

    BM needs to get Jiri Hudler. He would be perfect for our 2nd line and won't be as expensive as other free agent forwards because he is only a RFA. Maybe Schubert and a pick(09' 2nd round from Columbus) might be a better fit than Kelly as the Wings probably won't be able to afford Kelly's contract. Schubert could be a swing man for them playing as a 6th or 7th d-man or as a crash a bang 4th liner. And he is on a more affordable contract with only 1yr left on it. BM might have to throw in another pick to get Hudler out of Detroit.

    Also, if BM can't swing a deal with Detroit, it might be worth exploring the option of an offer sheet for Hudler. It will costs us some picks, but the Sens need a 2nd line scorer.

    Trading our 9th pick for the Blues 18th pick, 48th and 108th, could turn out to be a good move, but I think the Sens should draft one of the 4 d-man in the top 15. Jared Cowen(if he falls and is available), David Rundblad, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, or Dmitri Kulikov. One of these d-man could be a cornerstone with Karlsson for the Sens blueline future and the Sens could be set at defense for years.

    PJ Axelsson may be past his prime, but he may be a capable 3rd liner at an affordable cost. Under 1.5 million.

    Steve Yzerman would be a good choice, but I think he may need to be an assistant GM first before he can become a GM. And what would happen to Tim Murray?
    hambown said...
    Yeah, I doubt Heatley's going to waive a NTC to go to a franchise with such an uncertain future. He wants to compete & win. That's why the Avs seem like a possible destination: with a better goaltender and Heatley, they can win.

    I don't think the embarrassment of admitting to a strategic mistake is going to keep BM from making a deal like this, he's more interested in keeping his career on track. Everyone involved can see that the big three contracts plus Fisher has weakened his ability to maneuver in the free agent market.

    Finally, I don't think the Sens should trade down. This draft has special talent in the top 10 picks, I wouldn't want the Sens to miss out on a great player. Sure, they *could* find someone later in the draft, but why take this additional gamble? We've already secured two second round picks, do we really need another?
    pg said...
    I'm all for getting stevie y in here. The guys he learned from get it. To build a winner, you start with the d and work your way out. I can't believe BM has come out and said he feels that the defence is "adequate". This to me, is pretty shocking.
    hambown said...
    Heatley asks for a trade according to ESPN & now TSN. Maybe my half-baked trade ideas will come to fruition! The story claims he'd like to move to a western conference team, so the Avs rumour would be nice but if he doesn't want to play in Ottawa why would he want to play for the Avs?

    I can see him going to the Sharks, and us getting a whack of totally rad players in return. Maybe Vancouver, with some of their excellent D & other players in return? Exciting!

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