I got a text from a source who says Steve Tambellini, GM of the Edmonton Oilers, has offered Bryan Murray a package for Dany Heatley, Jason Smith, and Christoph Schubert. The trade would see Heatley and Smith go to the Oilers for Tom Gilbert, Patrick O'Sullivan, Riley Nash, and the 10th overall pick in the 09 Draft. What do you think Sens fans?


  1. T-Money said...
    I like this trade BUT...

    I would replace F Riley Nash with D Ladislav Smid. Nash is too much of an unknown and may not work out. Smid has alot of potential. To sweeten the deal for Edm, the Sens would add D Alex Picard.

    Thus, the trade would now be:

    To Ott:

    F Patrick O'Sullivan
    D Tom Gilbert
    D Ladislav Smid
    10th overall pick in '09

    To Edm:

    F Dany Heatley
    D Jason Smith
    D Christoph Schubert
    D Alex Picard

    Ottawa gets a top 6 forward in O'Sullivan, top 4 d-man in Gilbert, a good and possible future top 4 d-man in Smid, and a top 10 pick in a good draft.

    Edm gets the star forward in Heatley, someone who can finish Hempsky's passes, a gritty d-man, past captain and fan fav in Smith, and 2 young, big and quick d-man that can play in their 4 to 6 D slots.

    It may be alot for Edm to give up, but they would finally get that star they want and need to be true contenders in the West.

    Also, Heatley will take alot of pressure off Edm's young and talented forwards that were depended on to carry the load last season. Heatley will give them the time to grow and improve. And this trade doesn't cost any of Edm's young and cheap good forwards (SG, AC, RN).

    I believe Ottawa will now play more of a team game with the big 3 split up, and more of an up-tempo game. Ottawa's D would be set for a while with


    And Ottawa's forwards will be quicker with O'Sullivan in. And if they go out a get a player like Hudler(Det) and/or Camm(Cal), they could replace Heatley's points by committee.

    I sez do it BM!!! This trade will make us better in the long run and may be the best offer we get before the draft.


    Then Ottawa can draft OEL and a Sens Buzz fav JS. We'll get a good D and a good top 6 forward.
    Patrick said...
    I can't say I care for this very much. I'd much prefer a go big or go home type of trade. Let's use this trade to completely change the physical, competitive nature of this team. This trade simply doesn't do it for me. I would hold out for a trade with either LA, the Avs or Anaheim.
    hambown said...
    This trade would be totally zany, but at the same time I love it. I'd do that trade in a minute. Gilbert is a good top 4 defender, and is signed to a very reasonable contract for the near term. Love Patrick O'Sullivan's game.

    T-Money: For me, Smid would be alright but we already have a jam at the 5-6 spots so I'm not sure if that's in our interests.

    Patrick: This is huge. How could it realistically get bigger?
    Patrick said...
    Hambown. On reflection, it's not a bad trade. I hadn't given enough consideration to salaries. I guess I see this opportunity with Heatley as a blessing ... to really clean house and get the character guys and quality players we need to rebuild. Also, I wouldn't stop at Heatley.
    One final comment, BLANK Heatley. He and his gramatically challenged ("you know") agent should leave well enough alone ... trade me, give me my bonus, here's where I am going, and do it now ... To me, you want to be traded, you'll go where we tell you or we'll see you at training camp. End of story!
    tim said...
    This trade would do one thing for us:

    Guarantee us the first overall pick in the 2010 draft.

    My word verification is 'FugMe'. How fitting.
    T-Money said...
    Hambown: You may be right about Smid, but I believe he is a better choice than Nash. Smid would allow our young D-man (Lee, Karlsson, etc.) to develop more in the AHL and become more accustomed to the pro game and playing against stronger players.

    They can play big minutes for the farm team and play in all situations. They can get a feel for the pressure that will be on them in the NHL. An extra year in the AHL never hurt anyone.

    Plus, if the cap goes down, having young and experienced D-man in the AHL who know how to play big minutes will help the team out if we have to let go some of our more $$$ D-man (Kuba, Phil, A-train).

    Next yrs D lines:


    This would give Lee more time to develop in a less pressured environment like Ottawa. He would be able to develop his overall game and become a threat at both ends of the ice. I think Lee has tons of potential and can be a top 4 D-man for the Sens with the potential to be a top pairing in a few years.

    Smid has proven he can play D in the NHL, even if that's in a 5-6 role. I believe he has potential to be at least a top 4 guy in a few years in the right situation. And if he doesn't work out, he can become a trading chip in the future.
    Oman said...
    Low end defensemen on two way contracts with the AHL can be picked up any time. A deal involving Heatley needs more high skilled players coming back. The only thing good about this deal is getting rid of Smith and Shubert...
    pg said...
    Wow. I would do this deal with a few MINOR changes. Instead of o'sulllivan we get gagner, instead of nash we get eberle or petry, cause that trade as is totally brutal for ottawa in literally every way.
    Matthew said...
    "Wow. I would do this deal with a few MINOR changes. Instead of o'sulllivan we get gagner, instead of nash we get eberle or petry, cause that trade as is totally brutal for ottawa in literally every way."

    Oman, are you smoking? cuz there's NO WAY Gagner, Eberle, or Petry go to Ottawa. You obviously don't know what the REAL value of a star player is. The team that acquires the star is the winner, regardless of the package. That's how it usually is. So getting O'Sullivan, Nash, Gilbert and the 10th overall is a very good package for Heatley. Or would you prefer Jack Johnson and Frolov? Because from what I can see, Frolov has 1 year left on his contract and Johnson is very overrated.

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