Pascal LeClaire looks tired in that picture. I don't know if he's tired from the trip to Ottawa just to wear a jersey or if he's heard all about the Ottawa media and is probably figuratively saying "Look, you don't want me to screw up and I don't want me to screw up". Isn't it also funny that he wears the 3rd jersey and not the regular home jersey? Sign of things to come. Jesus please don't let it happen.

There's 19 games left in the season and frankly, I don't give a frank. The Sens won't be making the playoffs so it will be nice break for me. I've been busy with everything lately that I'm happy that I can even keep up with the tempo of this blog. But right, I'm looking forward to next year. I'm looking forward to Bryan Murray getting fired. I'm looking forward to Steve Yzerman taking over as General Manager(crosses fingers). I'm looking forward to Pascal LeClaire. I'm looking forward to the draft, where we need to draft some high-end offensive talent. Being in the same offensive league with the Islanders is embarassing. Tavares is far away, so I'm guessing the New-GM(yes, I'm saying that) at that time will go for a guy like Matt Duchene or Jordan Schroeder or Evander Kane or Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi or even Brayden Schenn. Or maybe we steal Hedman and have a top pairing in Karlsson-Hedman for years to come. Think about that.

I wanted to spread a quick rumor and it's about July 1st. With the shocker re-signing of Filip Kuba, two of Jason Smith, Anton Volchenkov, and Chris Phillips should be traded, and we could see a package of both Smith and Phillips heading to Edmonton for a first round pick and a prospect. There is possibility that the Sens will go after Mike Komisarek is the off-season, as he looks like a good partner for Volchie.

Either way, just put me to sleep and Wake Me Up When September Ends.

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