Operation Spoiler-iffic

Mathematically, they're still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Realistically, they're not. So the lords and oberons of Sens Buzz have decided to run a thing we like to call Operation Spoiler-iffic. Here's the skinny.

Everytime the Sens face a team that has a realistic chance of making the playoffs but haven't clinched yet, (a.k.a Rangers, Penguins, Canadiens, Sabres, Hurricanes, Panthers), if the Sens win the game, the player with the game-winning goal will receive $5 and an Operation Spoiler-iffic poster. This Operation is for the fun of the rest of the season. It's always nice when you hamper a team's playoff chances(cough cough Montreal). So join Operation Spoiler-iffic today by sending me an e-mail to ademaj4@gmail.com. You'll get to chance to receive a poster and a Gino Reda mug! Join now!


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