As we get closer and closer to March 4th, I think more people are getting the idea of how the Sens will do that day, and even with the recent streak, I think Bryan Murray will head into a selling mode during the next week.

Chris Neil and Filip Kuba are obviously gauging interest from teams around the National Hockey League. There are still negotiations between Neil and Sens' management, but it seems like with the cash in hand coupled with Ryan Shannon being a heck of a call-up, I'm afraid he's gone one way or the other. Kuba though, I think will be traded. He's a great power play back and intimidates opponents with his big size, but he's not part of the future of this club. I was told Montreal were closing to acquiring Kubes but instead went for the guy with more experience in Mathieu Schneider. Boston is interested in Kuba and right now I was told a package with Kuba and Neil going to Beantown for a first round pick isn't out of reach.

I've also got some shocking news for you guys. One person told me Jesse Winchester is on the block and many teams are asking about him. He fits the role of smooth-puck moving forward for teams.

I'm going predict 2 weeks before the deadline of what Ottawa will do and will see how much has changed a day before March 4th. Here they are:

Filip Kuba traded to Phoenix for a second round pick and Jared Staal

Chris Neil traded to Boston for a second round pick and a conditional 4th round pick

Martin Gerber traded to Calgary for a fifth round pick

Christoph Schubert placed on waivers

What do you guys think? Fair play or foul?

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