It's sad that the Sens are now 6 points behind the Leafs in the standings and even though there is time to vault over Toronto in the standings, it still is just sad. Goals by Ryan Shannon, Jarkko Ruutu, and Daniel Alfredsson almost did the trick for the Sens, but alas, a lead is a lead, and when you're not drunk on your success, you can keep it. But tonight, the Sens were drunk. and they were plowed on it.

Turnovers really cost the Sens the game tonight. One really bad play by the attractive commodity Filip Kuba led to another bad play where Brian Elliott couldn't keep the puck in his glove which led to another bad play where Jason Spezza tapped the puck in his own net. It was just that kind of game for the Sens tonight. Dany Heatley actually played pretty good, he had some good shots unfoprtunately stopped the seemingly alive Curtis Joseph and laid a hit o Stapelton tonight. Anton Volchenkov became a hero tonight as well, he laid about 5 hits and that phyisical edge of his is really paying off. Brian Elliott made some really nice saves, especially in the 2nd to keep it a 2-2 tie, but that goal by Kubina to win the game was a stoppable goal. I think Clouston should still play him but Ells needs to practise some more before he gets that top job.

On to Jason Spezza. He played horrible tonight, he was lazy on both zones of the ice. Pretty much what everybody said. However, Don Cherry was right in the post-game show(which, by the way, was one for the ages), how was that hooking penalty that cost the game for the Sens a hooking penalty? Fuck, that was a really bad call and it didn't even affect the play, because it was Kaberle's own fault that he turned away the puck. Some dumb calls out there tonight.

I'll be back tomorrow with some quick hits and hopefully a answer to the Picard injury.

Thanks For Reading!!!

EDIT AT 1:03 AM: Staying up late and watching some movies(Body of Lies is amazing by the way). Nonetheless, Hockey Leaks is reporting Ottawa has interest in Scott Clemmensen. I have also talked with 2 or 3 sources that agree the Sens have offered the Devils a package including a roster player and prospect for the stud goalie.


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