Craig Hartsburg made the bold and gutsy move to re-call Brian Elliott from Binghmaton today. I fully expect Elliott to start because well, what do we gotta give. Auld and Gebrer have been both horribly inconsistent this season, and it has been as a problem, as shown yesterday against the Bruins.

Elliott has been amazing in his era in Bingo, and already has 1 NHL win under his belt(4-1 win over Thrashland). He has great reflexes according to Baby Sens beat writer Michael Sharp. I really hope he takes over the starting job and puts this team in the playoffs(dreaming, drooling, YES).

On to rumors. The Ottawa Sun reported today that talks have heated up between the Sens and Jackets, and you can think that Sens Buzz reported this a week ago. However, in my experience, this won't be a mega deal. It most likely will be a 1 for 1 or 2 for 3. however, Bryan Murray is listening to Montreal and they are now attracted to 2 players from the Sens. I first mentioned Kuba, and now there's a possibility Chris Kelly will be part of the deal. I got a text someone who said "We could see a deal with Kuba and Kelly gone to the Habs for Latendresse and a 1st round pick". How do you like that rumor Sens fans?

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