Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you guys had lots to cheer about, I mean, other than the end of 2008, one of the worst years in Senators history. Let's hope 2009 is better!

The World Junior Championships have been a blast so far. Ottawa fans have been able to see future-NHL players right in their backyards. Bryan Murray has been able to digest some games as well. He was in the stands for Sweden's 5-0 defeat of Russia, in which Sens' prospect Andre Petersson netted two goals. Erik Karlsson, our first round pick from last year, leads Team Sweden in points with 7. Jim O'Brien, our first round pick from 07, scored a goal and an assist in the 7-4 loss to Canada. He has 4 points so far.

Another worthy note from the World Juniors' is this years' prospects. The Senators, right now would have the 5th spot in the Draft if the season ended today. I noted that the Sens would be smart to pick up a forward such as Jordan Schroeder, who has lit up the Juniors so far for Team USA. He is 3rd in tournament scoring(after Tavares and Hodgson), and he plays like Jarome Iginla. He may be our guy.

On to rumors now. Bryan Murray has one deal that is on the verge of being completed, and right now it looks like the only thing holding him back in the current 8 game road trip. He will "give another chance" to some players who have been underachieving so far such as Antoine Vermette, Christoph Schubert and Mike Fisher. The next 4 games are against teams that are above us in the standings, and it would be a nice testing pad if we could get at least win 3 of the 4 games left. I was told after the Oilers game that Bryan Murray wants to deal Schubert first so he can get Brian Lee in the mix, but there aren't many suitors for Schubie Doo and if there are, the value is very, very low for the German.

So we play tomorrow in the limelight of the Air Canada Centre. They're still pissed off(?) about their 4-1 loss to the Buffaslugs, and I think with 2 of their 3 goalies not in confident shape, we could easily win the game. If only Antoine Vermette or Mike fisher would score, well, 5 goals.

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