Okay, okay, Sens faithfuls. I promised you guys a post tomorrow, but I've been reviewing some top prospects for the 09 Draft and since the Sens have 2 draft picks(god let them keep both of them, this is such a deep pool of talent), I've decided to do another December Review, this time for every team. I'll do the picks from 1-15 if the season ended today, so it's according to the Sharks beating the Bruins in the 2009 Stanley Cup Final. Wonkers! Here they are:

1- Tampa Bay Lightning draft...Victor Hedman
Tampa Bay has an abundance of scoring and scorers are easy to get in drafts, but defenseman such as Hedman are rare. Some Swedish greats such as Peter Forsberg have described as the next Nicklas Lidstrom, and quite frankly, he fits that bill well. Tampa Bay has a terrible defense and if you add a NHL-ready Hedman into that equation, the defense will be vastly improved.

2- New York Islanders draft...John Tavares

The Isles need to get someone who will excite the fans in Long Island and give them a glimmer of hope for a Cup down the road, and Tavres is just that. He's a mean, goal-scoring machine and you'll find him at any place where you can score. He is being compared to Wayne Gretzky, though I think that's a little bit tedious because Tavares needs to work on his skating, something that is seperating him from Hedman.

3-Atlanta Thrashers draft...Jared Cowan
The Thrashers have already started to pile up some future, quality defenseman for the future. One of them is Zack Bogosian, who has already started playing this year. GM Don Waddell would be smart to add the big, Jared Cowan who is another Bogosian. He's a mean-in your face type of player, and will ocntribute on the power play on any time during the game.

4- St. Louis Blues draft...Matt Duchene
Duchene is smart, puck moving centre who is being compared to the likes of Steve Yzerman. He's a good Canadian boy(as Don Cherry would say) and is known for his speed and work ethic. He will need to add something to his physical frame but either than that he is someone you should build your team around. St.Louis needs that.

5- Your Beloved Ottawa Senators draft...Jordan Schroeder
Schroeder is a big, power forward from the hub of hockey in Minnesota who is being compared to the likes of Jarome Iginla. He adds a physical element, something Ottawa needs and has a deadly shot. Like many others, he will need to add to his stature, but he is the type of player every Ottawa fan will adore.

6- Dallas Stars draft...Magnus-Svensson Paajarvi
Paajarvi is a big, goal-scorer from the faraway land of Sweden. He is a very smart puck-mover and is big is stature, something teams need now a days. Dallas should draft him because they need a new, fresh restart and starting from the top with Paajarvi would be a sensibly move.

7- Edmonton Oilers draft...Dmitri Kulikov
This may be a little far-reach since they're are better players still available, but the Oilers need a hulking defenseman. They're too easy to play against and are small in stature, so adding a guy like Dmitiri Kulikov would make other teams scared of the Oilers more often. Kulikov has a razor-sharp vision, and a good hand-eye co-ordination. He is already working in the Q, which is an added benefit.

8- Toronto Maple Leafs draft...Nazem Kadri
Leaf fans would die to see another Schenn brother on their team, but I'll bet a huge amoutn of money they'll take a hard look at Kadri, he's a big centreman, a home-town boy and is smart with the puck. He can become a Sidney Crosby, though it would be harder with a team as suckish as Toronto(just kidding, just kidding).

9- Los Angeles Kings draft...Zack Kassian
The Kings have an ever-supply of defenseman and centres, so it would be smart if Dean Lombardi goes in a different direction and take a big winger in Kassian. Kassian is a heart and soul leader, and contriutes in every physical aspects of the game. He can rack up big points, but will have to lessen his turnovers.

10- Columbus Blue Jackets draft...Evander Kane
This pick will come down to Kane, Panik, and Schenn, and if you're Scott Howson, you ahve a tough choice in your hands. But Evander Kane has the tools and skills to become a top-elite centre for years to come. He is a clean sheet passer, and has great hand eye co-ordination. He is relitavely small but an investement in him will pay off in the future.

11- Colorado Avalanche draft...Brayden Schenn
Joe Sakic will retire in the next 1 or 2 years, and Paul Statsny can't carry the load all by himself, so getting Schenn would make sense, as he is being compared to Joe Sakic. He is a good 2-way player, and can make nothing into something.

12- Florida Panthers draft...Richard Panik
Panik plays a lot like Anze Kopitar and a hint of Jaromir Jagr, which might turn teams away, but he's got a great finisher and loves to log in big minutes. Florida needs a franchise player, and Panik is just that, and even more.

13- Minnesota Wild draft...Drew Shore
Drew Shore plays a lot, and I say a lot like Patrick Kane. He will find a way to score if though it seems like it's impossible. He's a leader on the ice, and off the ice, and would play well in a defensive system such as Jacques Lemaire's system.

14- Nashville Predators draft...Ryan Ellis
Ellis has baffled many Team Canada scouts over the past weeks. He has such a huge shot, and always makes up for the few defensive mistakes he mkaes. He's a defensive wizard on the ice, and even though he is small, he should fit well in Nashville with fellow comrade Shea Weber. Now imagine that top unit *starts drooling*.

15- Buffalo Sabres draft...Jeremy Morin
Morin is a good, 2-way player and he's great in takeaways. He possesses a great shot and would work well in Buffalo where their philosophy is "Score first, later defense".

They're they are, fell free to drop a comment if you would like to agree, or disagree with me.

Thanks For Reading!!!

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  1. KrazyTea said...
    This is the most embarrassing thing that I have ever been able to witness. To post something about a 5'9" speedy winger and to call him a power forward in the mold of Jarome Iginla is single worst thing I have ever read on a blog. I know how much fun it is to write these things up but for you to write something about a player whom you have no idea, watched live, or haven't read a single thing about goes beyond the level of decent reporting or communicating to your readers. Next time just admit you have no idea what kind of player the prospect is and maybe give some stats on the guy instead next time.

    For the love of god, please just stop.

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