The Ottawa Senators, fresh off their great 4-1 victory over the Flyers yesterday(told you Winchie would score!!!), aim for their 3rd straight victory against the 7-4-2 Carolina Hurricanes. Martin Gerber gets the call tonight, trying to improve his 1-4 record. Lines will be the same.

Expect a very boring, defensive game, with Volchenkov man-hadling the optent offense of Carolina. Micahel Leighton has been good this season and if the Sens can get in front of him, they should be able to score.

I predict a 2-1 loss(Picard for the Sens; Staal, Pitkanen for the Canes) and it will finally give Alex Auld the No.1 job. Even though the prediction, I hope they win!

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!


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