Looks like Craig Hartsburg's decision for who to start on Tuesday has already been answered...

Martin Gerber played ok, but showed his dark side by allowing 2 goals on 4 shots in the last 8 minutes as Joe Corvo continues his dominance of his former team---The Ottawa Brenna....excuse me, Senators. Mike Fisher got the lone goal for the Sens, Alfie and Schubie got the assists.

To me, on my Center Ice package, the Sens played the defensive style they have played the last games in the 1st and 2nd periods, but they wadded off in the 3rd. Filip Kuba played his usual play. Even though he didn't get a point, he was the best defenseman tonight.

The Spezza-Heatley-Vermette line was terrible tonight. They barely generated any chances, and they stayed on the ice way too much. It seemed like Vermette was trying something fancy every time he got the puck, and the physical play seen by Heater the last games vanished this game.

I'm hearing some rumblings that Bryan Murray is keeping his buckle on for now. There were some rumors he might have attained Michel Oullet of waivers, but that option is gone. Don't look for any trades happening soon not only for the Sens, but in the NHL.

Oh, and for bragging rights, my prediction was right, even though it came at a costly price.

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