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What's with Atlanat Mytischi and take our goaltending sloppy seconds? Today, Martin Gerber, notorious ex-Sen goalie, signed with AM of the KHL. Remember, Atlanat was the team that took former ex-Sen reject goalie Ray Emery under it's sheel for a year. Thanks fro your service to the NHL, Gerbs. You and your incapitated glove will be surely missed by.

Tomas Plekanec re-signed with the Habs today, a one-year contract worth $2.75 million. Good move I guess. Scracth Plekanec off the Sens' radar.

I have been told by a close source that Brian Elliott is clsoer to signing. It's expected to be a 3 year deal worth $3 million, which means he will make $1 million/yr, the same salary former Sen Alex Auld had.

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  1. Sens19 said...
    $1 million is great for Elliot but we're still over the cap. That damn Heatley thing better get settled soon, and is the Gerber signing confirmed?

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