The Ottawa Senators made two huge moves yesterday by signing forward Martin St.Pierre to a one year, two way contract and goaltender Mike Brodeur to a one year, two way contract. Bryan Murray probably had his best day as GM last night by improving the Sens' roster last night.

In all seriousity, when all the other 5 Canadian teams made some important signings, we did nothing, zero, nada, zilch. I know the team was handcuffed by Dany Heatley's impeccable martyr-like disapprovement of the trade to Edmonton, but they still should have done more. There is still prized free agents left(Tanguay, Samuelsson), and let's hope to all Murray gets one done.

First, on the Chris Neil signing. Chris Neil is awesome, he plays hard, fights hard, aggressive on the forecheck, and was the only player along with Elliott and Alfie that wanted to win last year. But, how is he making $2 million a year, when Colton Orr, who has similar stats to Neil, is making $1 million a year? Will this be another Murray overpayment?

The Sens have about $2.5 million left in cap room, which I think is enough to sign Samuelsson. However, if they somehow trade Heatley, that makes it $10 million, which would give them much flexibility if they want to go after an RFA or two.


  1. hambown said...
    Time will tell if we get the Chris Neil of 05-06 to 07/08, or last year's version. If it's the former, than excellent, his jam and size are sorely needed. We don't need someone to take terrible penalties at inopportune times.

    I would love to see Samuelsson sign for the Sens: it'll probably take 3 to 3.5 m/yr though. His size would be a very welcome addition to the forward ranks which feature a number of smaller dudes. I hope Zach Smith or Cody Bass makes the team.

    I haven't the energy or inclination to continue putting the effort into caring about how the Heatley business is resolved; it's summer time and I have better things to do. May it all go well for everyone.
    Anonymous said...
    I would like see Murray make the team bigger I would like see Murray sign Taylor Pyatt.Payatt would be a cheap signing.
    Anonymous said...
    what do you honestly think Murray is going to do with 2.5m left?
    pg said...
    Neil is a horrible signing. One of the worst (and that's saying a lot) as sens boss. At least we'll have someone we can count on to really TRY and take heachoo's head off whenever they play. Everyone wants to see this team get bigger. I want to see this team get evrythinger. We're somehow old, small, slow, and untalented all at the same time. i would have thought itimpossible,but no.

    I like BM, and want to like him cause I do think he's a smart guy who's shown he's a good drafter, but his ridiculous signings and questionable trades have really hurt this organization. Don't argue,please, the results speak for themselves. If we don't get a good return for heachoo THIS SUMMER, BM's got to be canned. Enough's enough. I already seriously questioned the sens direction before heachoo's trade demand. Now, WTF? A couple AHL guys on 07/01? Don't gimme that crap that they were handcuffed, they had contigency plans. Where are we going? Are we rebuilding? Good. Do it. Are we retooling? good. Do it. Are we loading up for a cup run? Bad, but do it. Commit to something and do it. Enough f***ing around already. Make a plan, and start to implement it.

    Good site BTW,you were right about all the Anon's crapping on you the other day. You must have been disappointed the Sens didn't take MPS,but,IMO, Cowen had to be taken there.
    hambown said...
    Dang, Samuelsson signs with the Canucks.
    hambown said...
    Maybe Pyatt would be a good addition, as he has excellent size and decent hands. His skating is suspect though.

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