How WILD is Dany Heatley?

Late midnight, I had been informed that the Minnesota Wild have put forth an offer that may be too good to pass. The Wild are the third team to offer a package for the servcies of Dany Heatley. The first two were the Oilers and the Sharks. Bryan Murray is trying to get a Top 4 Defenseman and a Second Line Centre out of it. Ther two positiosn are the Sens' most glaring needs currently. So, do you want know the offer? Drum roll pleaase! Ba dum ba!

Wild acquire: Dany Heatley
Senators acquire: Marek Zidlicky, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, 5th round pick in 2010

So, just to preview the previous two offers made for Heatley...

Oilers acquire: Dany Heatley, Jason Smith
Senators acquire: Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner, Denis Grebeshkov

Sharks acquire: Dany Heatley, Chris Kelly
Senators acquire: Joe Pavelski, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, 3rd round pick

All three offers are enticing, I can tell you that. I expect one more offer, possibly from the Colorado Avalanche, to be put forth during the weekend, with Murray then deciding. There is still a possibility that Heatley will stay, but the return you can get for Heatley could pretty much help rebuild the team right on the fly. If the Sens swap with the Oilers, the acquisition of Grebeshkov might mean the Sens will press Steve Tambellini and co. to sign him before trading him. The best offer I think is the Sharks one. Pavelski is a pure two-way forward, Vlasic is a good top 4 defenseman, and getting rid of Chris Kelly and his contract get us a third rounder.

How about you Sens fans, which offer do you like best.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    If the Sharks are in the hunt and that is in fact their offer, I would consider them to be the lead runner for Heatley.
    They have a load of young talent, Pav and Vlas would be great returns, but... instead of that 3rd rounder, what do you believe it would take to get Setoguchi out of there? I'm thinking Lee or prospect (Zubov)?
    Wishful thinking, but would be the best possible swap for a quick rebuild all things considered.
    Anonymous said...
    How can the sharks take on a $5M cap hit?
    Anonymous said...
    San Jose cannot afford this proposed Healtey trade cap-wise. They're receiving much more salary than they are giving to Ottawa.

    I'd imagine Michalek would have to be subbed in for Pavelski. If you add Thornton, Marleau, Michalek, Boyle, and Nabokov's contracts together, you're paying almot $30 million for five players next year. Add Healty and it's roughly $37.5 for six players.

    Pavelski and Setoguchi are RFAs and Marleau and Nabokov are UFAs next year. San Jose needs cap relief if they want to retain their core for after next season.

    I'd expect a trade like Michalek, Vlasic, and Setoguchi for Heatley, Picard, and a 3rd or something along those lines.

    This way SJ can somewhat replace Vlasic with Picard and they get Michalek/Setoguchi off their books. Cap wise, this trade is very similar in terms of money in and out, and SJ locks up the Heater and Thornton long-term and can re-sign Nabokov and Pavelski using Blake money next season.
    Anonymous said...
    Do you just make stuff up?
    DDUB said...
    SJ - As others have posted, the deal as presented is too rich for SJ's cap situation. I don't like the Michalek part of the counter offer.

    Minny - Salaries offset, Sens still would have cap issues. Besides the 2 players in return are both small and soft (IMHO). To me, Campoli is a poor man's Zidlicky.

    I still like the EDM deal the best...yeah Penner has under-performed in EDM, but I cannot get the image of him in the finals of 2007 out of my head. If (big if) he can turn it around here, can you say power forward? Cogliano is speed personified. Grebeshkov is physical and can run a PP. PLUS the Sens ditch 10M in salary and take back roughly 7.5-8 (assuming Grebeshkov will since in the 2.5-3 range)
    Anonymous said...
    Heatley/Kelly for Marleau/Michalek. Put Smith on waivers.That Minny offer is crap.
    hambown said...
    I like the Sharks offer best; We get a quality young centre in Pavelski on a short term contract, plus a great young defenseman in Vlasic. Kelly going the other way will work well for them, he's a fantastic 3rd line centre, and will solidify their PK. If I'm BM, I do this deal.

    Next for me would be the Oilers offer; If they take back Jason Smith, Penner moves to the top line with Spezza & Kovalev, Cogliano, Alf and Fisher play on the 2nd line, with Foligno, Kelly, Neil on the 3rd is nice. Grebeshkov is a fine defender, but still not the top pairing guy the sens have been seeking. Maybe it's just not possible this year without giving up too much: Karlsson, Wiercioch or Cowan might be ready by then.

    Though the Wild's offer is also tempting, I would not do it. Bouchard is a great offensive talent, but our 2nd and 3rd lines are already too small.

    Interesting if near to the truth... I hope that Colorado comes back with an offer of Liles, Wolski and a decent pick.
    Anonymous said...
    i dont think this is true, no way in hell can San Jose even make that deal cause of the cap

    this deal makes no sense what so ever
    Anonymous said...
    I I would rather see Clowe in the Shars deal.

    Also I think that deal would rather send Clowe the Senators way.

    I heard that the Sharks offered almost the same package but it way Clowe instead of Palvelski from a scource!
    pg said...
    The oil's offer is tops IMO. Cogliano is probably the best forward in any of those proposed deals, grebeshkov has 2nd pairing potential (as do the other d's offered up) and we get penner instead of a useless 5th round pick or whatever. I like these offers, especially since clowe is not involved, but the best offer is still the oil. Plus, with their offer we move smith. If the others would bump those picks up to 1st rounders they'd be a lot more tempting.

    Is columbus out? I have heard, despite comments otherwise, that they are working on a deal. Could be the best out there.

    What do the avs have to offer? No way they're moving duchene, statsny or wolski, so who?

    Good work btw Buzz. Pretty thankless sometimes I imagine, but we do appreciate it.
    Anonymous said...
    I heard the thrashers offered kovalchuk!
    You guys are all fucking idiots
    Use your heads a little
    Anonymous said...
    I heard the thrashers offered kovalchuk!
    You guys are all fucking idiots
    Use your heads a little
    Anonymous said...
    Heatley going to SJS is the best bet.

    I would trade Volchenkov to EDM for Smid (RFA) and 2nd round pick (next year)

    I would then go after Marleau, Cheechoo, Ehrhoff and Murray in return for Heatley, Kelly, Donovan, Smith, Schubert and Smid (RFA). This still leaves $1.040M for OTT to resign Elliott and leaves SJS with $2.8M left to sign 5-6 players including Smid (RFA).
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, someone would actually want Cheechoo for Heachoo. Why not I guess, they're essentially the same player and cheech is cheaper than heach. Personally I've had enough of watching overpaid ankle-skaters, but hey, that's just me.


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