Acccording to TSN and the Fan 590, Bryan Murray makes his first splash on the free agent market by signing forward Alexei Kovalev. Wow, I am really shocked. Then, I feel evil. In your face Hab fans! Murray will speak to the media at 4:30 PM ET. More to come include term and money.

UPDATE 4:00: It's a 2 year deal
UPDATE 4:12: I'm hearing it's a deal worth $5 million/year. Wow
UPDATE 4:14: Yup, 2 year, $10 million deal. It looks like Heatley may be gone along with Picard or Smith. Or even Kelly. Must congrats Sens Chirp for first reporting it. I had been told the Sens might make a move today but I thought it would be Bertuzzi. More to come folks.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Does this mean that Murray is not interested have in Bertuzzi or Bertuzzi not signing here?
    Anonymous said...
    So, with Heatley in the fold, and now Kovalev, does that currently put us over the cap?

    If so, then yeah, I would expect Heatley to be going shortly, or if not him, some other contracts could be on their way out.

    hambown said...
    Whoa. Kovalev to the Sens. Never saw that coming in a million years.

    Ok, so Comrie does not resign. Kovalev plays 60 games and probably scores 60 pts. What does our lineup look like ? And where does the money come from to get us under the cap? Heatley trade I expect.
    Anonymous said...
    Actually, in BM's press conference, he indicated Melnyk gave BM the greenlight to go after Kovalev. He implied that they would sort the CAP out afterwards.

    I recant my earlier comment about Heatley leaving. I think he might actually reconsider coming back now.

    hambown said...
    KJ: True, this might change his mind, as the Sens will be much more competitive this year. They still have to do quite a bit of movement on defense to get under the cap.

    While this is good news, I'm a little sad that it now seems likely that none of our prospects will make the team this year :/ I always like to root for new kids, and each of Regin/Z.Smith/Bass (and maybe Zubov) have shown they can play in the NHL.
    Anonymous said...
    By the way, the fourthperiod reported it before senschirp...
    pg said...
    Heatley is gone, guys. It's over. Done. Finished. He will never play another game as a sen, thankfully.

    The kovalev signing was a shocker to me. I'm just glad that management finally got off their asses and did something.
    T-Money said...
    What a shock!

    I like the pick up of Kovalev for 2yrs, don't like the money so much but I understand you have to pay for talent.

    Kovalev could work on our top 2 lines as a sniper with Spez/Alfie or as the playmaker with Fisher and Foligno.

    Plus, he doesn't have to be the star here as he had to be in Montreal. He can just focus on putting up points instead of carrying the team.

    Good pick up by BM, hopefully it forces Jerkface Heatley to move on and we can focus on next season.

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