Response to the Critics

When I first started this blog, I always tried to give you the best and accurate rumors. I never like derogatory comments and I had mentioned before most of them came from Anonymous users. However, a few days ago, I lifted the ban and allowed anyone to comment. However, like very blog it seems these days, the results weren't very welcoming.

I do have to say this. If you have a problem with me and/or my blog, contact me at my e-mail. I will be more than happy to have a response to your criticism. However, do not barge in and say something you can't back up and/org do not have the guts to stand up and prove your criticisms. Don't be a pussy and be a man, don't just leave some dumb comments and walk away like a jackass. Do it the right way if you have to. Or, just don't read this blog anymore if you disagree with it. It makes everyone's lives easier. I have seen too many "Anonymous Comments" that discredit the writer in my time as reader of blogs. Once again, I'd like to allow anyone to write, but if this nonsense continues, then I'm afraid I'll have to ban anonymous comments once again.


  1. Anonymous said...
    agreed! just wanted to come out and say i appreciate wut u do! it keeps things exciting... and everyone needs to realize these are just rumour sites! calm down...

    thanks to u and all other sens bloggers who try their best to get us fans all the info!
    Gerald Norton said...
    IT'S A BLOG.
    Why anyone would believe you, or any one for that matter, has some sort of golden insight is beyond me.
    Dreger is often off base, same for Mckenzie and all the rest.
    Do you have sources? How the F would I know, and honestly, even if you do, how good could they really be? I doubt Murray knows what the F is happening half the time, and even he admits to following rumour sites on occasion.
    As for the anonymous critics...well, that seems an oxymoron to begin with doesn't it? Dismiss them as the paper tigers they are, and keep up with what you're doing, nobody is getting hurt, even if your sources are full of DanyHeatley.
    albanada said...
    Thanks for replying on my blog. I agree with you that sources many times are wrong and I can guarantee you I want to make sure I don't look like a jackass in front of the public. However, I have seen to many bloggers leaving because some jackass rights something that pertains to nothing and does not stand up to some on that if it happens to me, I'm not gonna run away like a pussy. However, your comment is much appreciated.
    Anonymous said...
    Great site

    Cyber bullies...they are everywhere
    Anonymous said...
    Don't forget the trolls ... :)

    Anonymous said...
    You website is great .. any sens news or gossip is always welcome ..
    Keep up the great work ..
    Anonymous said...
    I'm the guy who challenged the reasoning behind that Russell trade and I stand behind what I said: Stick to blogging about what actually happens.

    And if you're going to post rumours anyways, then at least run it through some logic before making your site look like a farce. Auld for Russell is up there with some of the dumbest trade rumours I've ever heard.
    Anonymous said...
    Anon 10:40 PM

    No one is forcing you to read what is posted on this blog. If you don't like it, don't read it. Sensbuzz has put a lot of time and effort into this and doesn't deserve ass holes like you criticizing his work. Instead of bashing him, why don't you start a blog so people can hate on you. Get a life, dude.
    Anonymous said...

    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about 8:34... If he is putting a lot of work into this, then he should make the additional effort to make sure his information is credible.

    Getting outraged at someone who is pointing out the simple reasoning issues of a rumour is nonsense. In fact, the reason I point it out is because I do like his blog; I just don't like dumb rumours. He could be a good blogger if he stayed away from bullshit rumour mongering.

    The fact of the matter is that no one has any inkling into the workings of Murray's organization. I've read on each and every Sens rumour site that *this* team or *that* team now has the offer to beat for Dany Heatley. And now what are we hearing straight from the Sens organization? That NO ONE has offered anything even resembling a fair deal.

    My point to the site owner here is to simply not waste your time. These guys (Murray & co.)have their organization locked tight and no rumour site (including everybody's favorite, Senschirp) has any clue as to what is actually taking place.

    I may need to get a life 8:34 but you desperately need to get a clue.

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