Right now this is in the early stages, but I have spoken to a few sources who seem to agree that Pierre Lacroix, the interim GM of the Colorado Avalanche, is interested in Dany Heatley. Even though Bryan Murray said Heatley's on the no-trade list, if the value for him is right, then this could be a possible deal.
There are many possibilities in the return but the main cog that Bryan Murray would like to get is the 3rd overall pick in this year's draft currently owned by the Avalanche. Murray would like to have that pick because players like Matt Duchene, Evander Kane, and Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi are projected to go near that spot and all 3 of them are soon to be superstars. I have a feeling Paajarvi is his target. This deal could also involve Alex Auld as the Avs are in need of a goaltender.
How do you like this trade...
Dany Heatley, Alexander Auld, 9th pick for Wojtek Wolski, Billy Sauer, 3rd pick


  1. hambown said...
    I *really* like this deal. The Sens get an almost-sure star scoring forward at the draft, and a nice top 6 player in Wolski who suits a fast skating, hard-forechecking offensive game that Clouston will surely continue. Don't know who Billy Sauer is. The Avs get a 50 goal scorer that they desperately need. Their powerplay is atrocious. Plus they land a fine player in the number 9 pick.

    This will probably mean that the Sens will end up on the cusp of the playoffs next year, but probably so will the Avs, with both teams being better the year after that.

    Dare to dream :)
    albanada said...
    Thanks for the reply. Just for your info, Billy Sauer is a goaltending prospect in the Avs' system. With Elliott now competing for the No.2 job, Glass and O'Keefe have consistency issues and Sauer will help that tandem.
    hambown said...
    Upon further reflection, we might have to offer a bit more than Auld to get this deal done.

    The Avalanche really need a solid goaltending prospect who can give them *consistently* good play. Auld may not be that guy, but Elliot might. Perhaps a sign & trade? Even that might not be enough.

    I'd love to see something like this done, but the Avs will likely look to solidify in goal first. The combination of Budaj and Raycroft could not keep them competitive last season, they need to do better right now. They might go after Khabibulin in the off-season, so any deal that does take place should be concluded before free agency comes out and Manny Legace, Manny Fernandez and Khabibulin are all available as FAs.
    T-Money said...
    Is this how your trade breaks down:

    1. Heater for Wolski

    Heatley-Career games 507
    -Career goals 260
    -Career points 543

    Wolski-Career games 240
    -Career goals 56
    -Career points 146

    2. Auld for Billy Sauer

    Auld is a realiable NHL back-up.

    Sauer is a college goalie who may or may NOT someday play goal in the NHL.

    Auld and Elliott have shown to be capable NHL goalies and now we should trade one of them for Sauer???

    3. Avs 3rd pick for our 9th pick

    So, to sum up the trade-

    Heater- a 40-50 goal a yr player, proven NHL star, for ONLY Wolski who is a 15-20 goal a yr player.

    Then Auld or maybe Elliott for some kid named Sauer.

    And their 3 pick for our 9 pick.

    In my opinion, I believe Heater on his own should garner such a package without Ottawa throwing in a goalie and a 1st round pick.

    Is Heater not worth more than Wolski?

    This trade makes no sense except for Avs fans.
    hambown said...
    It's not just one player for one player. This gives Ottawa the space to add another scoring winger, as well as a top free agent defenseman. Plus, at the number 3 spot, they can draft anyone not named Tavares or Hedman. Matt Duchene anyone? Magnus Pajaarvi-Svensson on the wing in a few years?

    We all know what Heatley brings to the Sens. But this deal allows them the flexibility to stay competitive and build for the future.
    T-Money said...
    I agree that trading Heater will free up cap space, but you probably ending up paying close to his salary to get a premier scorer and/or defensemen. Plus, who is available that is better than Heatley?

    Also, Heater would have more value on the trade market than Wolski. Plus, a high 1st round pick in the draft does not promise a future star in the NHL.

    Two trades I like to see Ottawa make this summer:

    Ottawa trades Columbus 2nd round pick(2009) and D christoph Schubert to Detroit for rights to F Jiri Hudler.

    Ottawa trades F Chris Kelly and
    D Alex Picard to Edmonton for
    F Patrick O'Sullivan and
    D Ladislav Smid

    Sens roster 09':


    hambown said...
    Hi T-Money, apologies for the long post

    I agree that trading Heater will free up cap space, but you probably ending up paying close to his salary to get a premier scorer and/or defensemen. Plus, who is available that is better than Heatley?I agree, we won't replace Heatley, so the team's approach to offense changes. But with Wolski in the fold, we can go and get Francois Beauchemin on D, reducing our GA and improving our PP. Plus maybe Wolski will really click with Spezza & Alfredsson, and put up 35g? Not out of the question.

    Plus, a high 1st round pick in the draft does not promise a future star in the NHL.In general I agree, but all indications are that the top 5 players in this year's draft will be pretty special.

    Those two trades you lay out would be hot. However, unless Detroit is unable to resign Hudler due to cap restrictions, he's back in red & white.

    The second trade might happen, but I can't see Steve Tambellini & Pat Quinn & Tom Renney letting Patrick O'Sullivan go without getting back something more significant than Chris Kelly and Alex Picard. Plus Edmonton's D are pretty solid, especially for offensive D (Souray, Visnovsky, Grebeshkov, Gilbert).

    What about Dustin Penner to the Sens for Kelly and Schubert? I know, I know, Penner has been a terrible fit with the Oilers, his production has not justified his contract. But that means he's probably more available, and you know he's hungry to improve. The Sens get a true power forward ready to turn his career around. I'd look into it if I were BM.
    T-Money said...
    Hi hambown,

    I think Detroit will resign Hossa and probably won't be able to afford Hudler, thus making him available through trade because he is a RFA, (or if BM can't do it through a trade, maybe an offer sheet). And if Detroit doesn't resign Hossa, I think they might see Hudler as expendable as they have a few prospects that could fill his spot for less money. And he won't be as expensive as other free agent forwards as he is a RFA.

    You are probably right that it might take more to get O'Sullivan out of Edmonton, maybe Kelly and Picard plus a prospect or draft pick. BM might have to pay more because the 08' season was evident the Sens need upgrades on their 2nd line. I believe Foligno and Shannon are good players and are capable of being 2nd liners, but you don't want to put that much pressure on young guys.

    O'Sullivan and Hudler are guys that have been in the NHL for a couple of seasons and know the pressures put on offensive forwards. They would(should) be able to handle the pressure.

    Plus, Ottawa has no up-and-coming forwards that would make an impact in the NHL instantly. I think BM is going to have to pay to solve his scoring problems and it might cost him a few draft picks. And with this new line up, Ottawa could be a quicker and more aggressive team that pushes the tempo of the game instead of depending on their 1st line to do everything.

    Penner had 1, maybe 2 good years. He is a big man but he is NOT a power forward. He's over paid, too slow, and for a big guy, he doesn't throw is weight around enough to make an impact in a game. He may be ready to turn his career around, but showing up to training camp 30lbs heavier after signing a HUGE deal in the offseason may prove that he has poor work ethic. He would only cause more problems on the Sens roster and cap then he would solve.

    Beauchemin is an interesting case. He was an UNDERrated defensemen before he got to the Ducks, but he may now be a OVERrated defensemen leaving the Ducks. He was a 3 on the Ducks and played with/or behind two of the best defensemen in the game today. Can he handle playing big minutes with the expectation of putting up big numbers all the while going up against and shutting down the best the NHL has to offer night after night? He might be a gamble and maybe overpriced for the Sens.

    I think if Ottawa goes with Kuba, Campoli, A-train, Phillips, Lee, and (spot open to Smith or Subie or Picard or maybe Bell if resigned or another player acquired through a trade) they may be able to play defense by committee with a better goalie behind them. Then if this upcoming season shows they need a definite #1 d-man, try to get Dan Hamhuis next yr when he becomes a UFA.

    Ottawa needs proven players on their 2nd line. That is their biggest need right now.
    hambown said...
    Hi T-Money,

    Agreed, the 2nd line needs a proven 50-60 point player who can skate, and play the power play. I'd like Jiri Hudler in that spot, but he's a little undersized.

    Let's see what happens as draft day approaches.

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