What that fucking shinny game for the Sens? Are they overbloated that they think they can beat Atlanta? What is inside their heads? What the fuck was Filip Kuba doing? More importantly, what the hell was Daniel Alfredsson doing? How the hell do you allow Nathan Oystrick and Marty Reasoner to score on you? How do you take out your goalie when he was not at all the reason for the deficit, and in the outside, he made 4 sick glove saves, 3 which were on Ilya Kovalchuk who has the second-best shot in the NHL behind that guy in Washington. Everything went fucking wrong for the Sens tonight.

First, to the positives. Chris Phillips played a good defensive game. He wasn't allowing Kovalchuk and Armstrong to develop anything and was the Sens best player tonight. Jason Spezza played a sound game. He went hard to the net and was getting shots on the Moose. Ryan Shannon also played pretty good. He was on the bad end of a clean hit by Eric Boulton but tried to put his team back in the game and was effective all night. Nick Foligno dropped the gloves for his First NHL fight of his young career. Pretty much, he was taken down but I think he own the fight. He got some 10 punches on Boulton who threw only some 5 punches.

Defense was zero tonight. No one outside of Phillips played defense tonight. I think I'm going to blame most of the goals on Filip Kuba. He was standing like lawn-mower and screening his goalie for most of the game. Where was Alfie tonight? He was invisible and really should have stepped up for his team. Personally, I didn't like Cory Clouston's goalie change. Elliott was doing fine and was just unlucky on a tip from Reasoner. I can understand Brian's frustration and even when Auld came he allowed a weak goal on the first shot he faced. It will be interesting to see who starts tomorrow in Tampa Bay. I'm guessing it's Auld who will be thrown in.

CBC continues it's annual dictatorship and doesn't show the game when it's on Saturday night at 7 PM, which is perfect for them. They instead allow a meaningless Boston-Toronto game that ended up in a Boston 8-5 win. So resorting to my Centre Ice package, I watched the Sports South feed. Terrible, just terrible. They had some many commercials featuring Kovalchuk and Lehtonen repeating that it was just annoying. And they made fun of Nick Foligno in the 2nd Intermission for dropping the gloves. And they were being pretty much douches all night. The economy has hit so hard in the US that they can't find decent commentators for hockey games. Woo hoo.

So tomorrow Ottawa faces Tampa Bay. Another Woo-Hoo!


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