I'm sorry, but I'm just pissed off at Sens management. WTF?! Hartsburg gets fired and it's the second coach in as many years to get fired mid-season by Murray. How can he be blamed for the Sens' troubles this year? The players, the guys that are payed the cha-ching are the people to fault. Spezza, Heatley, Fisher, Vermette, Gerber, Phillips, Kelly, and yes even El Capitano Alfredsson, those guys are at blame. I'm tired of this shit we're getting from our players. "oh, our coach is not good, we need a new coach". Oh go cry me a river. You guys are the sole reason Hartsburg right now is unemployed.

Melnyk, Murray, you just lsot your jobs irght there. Hiring 2 coaches in 2 years and firing them at mid-season, it shows you guys don't know your own team. Right now I've joined the "Fire Murray" side and inching closer for Melnyk and the whole upper guys to leave. We need a new, fresh face behind the bench and at the top. He got half of that with Hartsburg, and he brought defensive stability to this team, too bad all of a sudden his offense bailed out on him. We need a Mike Tomlin. for every position.

Damn, I think right now Murray should send down every player on this team to Bingo to teach them a freakin' lesson. I know we owuld suck with Bingo players, but at least those guys would try to score, try to defend, and try to listen to their coach.

Frick, I'm done now. This is all bull$hit.


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