The Sens played good against a team like the San Jose Sharks, the league's best team. It wasn't as much as a disappointing as if a 2-1 loss to the Thrashers would have been, but a loss is a loss. Mike Fisher got a goal from the re-direct from lightning-quick Chris Campoli's shots to open the scoring and lead by 1 after 1. But two quick Power Play goals by the Sharks after The General breaks down lead to the Sharks win.

Dany Heatley had some good chances. Daniel Alfredsson had some good chances. Nick Foligno had some good chances. Filip Kuba had some good chances. What's the difference between these guys and Jason Spezza? They actually shot the frigging puck! Spezza played by far his worst game of the season and even though he is a great player he has to drop these kind of games. It affects everyone around him, even the fans who were booing him right out of Scotiabank Place. Mike Comrie and Chris Campoli both played pretty well, especially Campoli who looks rgeat with the Sens. So far the trade has been won by the Sens, even though Dean McAmmond scored a goal aginst the Laffs tonight.

Props to the guys over at 6th Sens for the great live blog. You've gotta believe they're live blog will be great on Wednesday, especially when Eklund isn't there. Too bad the Sens couldn't win for them.

The boys host the Maple Leafs who are 5 points up on the Sens in the standings. Ottawa better pick up it's act so they can finish the season over their Ontario rivals. Believe.

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  1. Graeme Nichols said...
    Thanks for stopping by, we appreciated it. And thanks for the plug as well.
    tim said...
    I had no idea Campoli was going to turn out to be this good. Guy is always active in the play (and sometimes gets burned)and makes smart passes and knows when to let the shot go. I think he's going to have a good long run in this city if he can keep up this play (obviously the point streak aside).

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