With Chris Campoli's acquisition and Brendan Bell listed over him in the depth chart, Alexandre Picard's days are numbered. It's not secret some teams have expressed interest in the young defenseman from Laval but it seems like the return won't be too high.

He's scored 14 points this season, and has scored the most goals for a defenseman for the Sens this year. Many teams like Phoenix and Boston have interest in Picard's former partner- in- crime, Filip Kuba, but if the asking price becomes too high, teams might go after the cheaper Picard. What would Ottawa get in return? The most they can get is a third round pick, but a fourth round pick is more likely. It's all part of Murray's "plan" to rebuild the team.

By the way, how stupid is Bryan Murray. He says he won't trade Alfredsson, Heatley, Fisher, and Phillips but he never moentions Jason Spezza. What a way to add "fuel" to the stupidity some Sens fans have. I tihnk it's being more clear now that Bryan needs to go. We need a fresh face.

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