Note: Alternative Sub-title is "Pizza Pizza Oh So Close"

Did anyone else feel the Sens were gonna win this game? I did, but not by this much. Heatley, McAmmond, Vermette, Fisher, and Phillips all scored tonight to supplant Paul Maurice and his bunch of purse swingers 5-1.

Well our primary and secondary and defensive scoring were on the mark tonight. Vermette has been on a roll so far, improving his potent goal goal mark to 5(eat that The Score). Fisher scored on his 500th game. Phillips got his 4th goal of the season. He's on pace for a carrer goal year. Heatley finally broke his slump along with McAmmer. Filip Kuba threw, um, I don't know, 4 HITS tonight! That's a career record I think. He plays such as big role on this team, along with Brian Lee has solidified his position on his team, whether you like it or not. Alexandre Picard didn't have his best game, but he stays solid enough that he doesn't screw it up for the Sens.

Brian Elliott played great tonight. A 22-save performance really gave us a glimpse of a future. Do we finally have our franchise goalie? Drafted in the 9th round, he will be a pivotol guy in our future.

Lastly, I gotta give props to Sens Chirp for holding his first live game blog andi t worked out perfectly. Lots of participation and trade talk(Cole got the trick tonight, btw) during intermissions and it possibly gave us the win. Great job Mr.Chirp!

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