Should a biggie tonight, especially since the Sens almost never play on Thursdays. Mike Fisher draws back in the lineup, while Dean McAmmond draws out due to a cold. I would guess Ryan Shannon will take his place, given that Hartsburg is hesitant of giving Christoph Schubert a forward chance.

If you haven't heard already, Luke Richardson has been waived. I kinda saw this coming, and I thought is was a dumb idea for Murray to bring him back in the offseason. The question now is, is this the beginning to a trade or signing? The Sens now have a tad bit more salary room and could quite possibly afford Bouwmeester. Although I was told this oculd also be forwarded back to a Sundin trade, though it's more likely Bouwmy will come.

So, I'll predict a huge 5-0 win for the Sens tonight(Vermette, Heatley, Bass, Bell, Spezza) and Alex Auld not having a tough night.

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!


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