Seriously, just wow. People need to calm down and chillax for just a moment. Some many things can get out of hand that this just needs to stop.

First, I did not freaking come up with this! I listened to Leafs Lunch and Bill Watters said it. I didnt have much knowledge that Watters has made some outlandish accussations in the past. So, I was not the one who started this. This is something if you have a problem if you need to report to Watters.

Im sorry, I didnt want to accuse those players because they are probably my favorite players of all-time. I just lookedon the Sens roster and made some suggestions, thats all. Last time I remebered, everybody is entitled to their opinion. If you disagree with me, say it in a civil manner. I will be more than happy to reply to that.

To the one that said about my credibility, if you havent realized, Colorado and Los Angeles always were interested in Heatley, something every Sens blogger said, but dropped out. I have said fro the past month Minnesota, San Jose, and Edmonton are the only teams interested right now in Heatley. Secondly, it was Auld and Caporusso for Russell. If you add in Caporusso, that makes it a very even trade.

People need to stop trolling around on every blog they find first. Think before you right. If you dont like this blog, then dont come. Its your own fault if you still keep coming in. If seen too many trollers hurt a bloggers credibility that I will not stand to have it happen to me.

Jesus, some people need to get a life.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    If you write it; they will come
    If you publish something
    expect the forum to critic it
    Don't report things you don't know for sure, so as to avoid these things
    albanada said...

    I completely agree with that. But, the person who has a complaint needs to do so in a civil manner. If there are concerns with this blog, e-mail is the best method, not trolling.
    SensChirp said...
    I have been readin this blog off and on for a litte while now and I think you do an admirble job. That said, Id recommend stearing clear from this topic in general and especially avoid speculating specific players.

    Transaction rumours are one thing but when you get into rumours like this you are walking on thin ice.

    Other than that, keep up the good work.
    Anonymous said...
    This blog is the worst. All he does is regurgitate any garbage rumours that he hears out there and posts them. The day you get a rumor right or 'break' a trade etc, is the day I become a leafs fan (meaning it WONT happen).

    As for the drugs, here is a fact - there was a problem on this team and I can say for certain that at one point Heatley was a small part of it, so him wanting to leave because of it, makes no sense. Don't ask me to name names or say where I heard it; I just know for certainty; him along with many others were either casual or consistant users - FACT!

    Look at the players who have been moved or let go recently. Emery, REDDEN and McGrattan to name a few. Some who have publicly admitted to having a substance abuse problem at one point - Emery eluded to it last week on OTR.

    There are others, but believe me, it's not an issue anymore at least not any more than ANY other team. Don't kid yourself, ALOT of guys like to have a 'good time' if you catch my drift. Give kids aged 19-25 a 1mil+ salary every year and eventually you might get tempted.

    There are 29 other teams have guys on their team who have done it or do it on a semi regular basis.
    Anonymous said...
    you have to love the irony of an anonymous hockey blogger criticising his own readership for not having lives.
    Anonymous said...
    People need to stop trolling around on every blog they find first. Think before you right.


    If you dont like this blog, then dont come. Its your own fault if you still keep coming in. If seen too many trollers hurt a bloggers credibility that I will not stand to have it happen to me.

    Anonymous said...
    Damn, even SC's dissing you!
    Buddy, either fix up your shit or grow a thicker skin.

    You can't even spell mofo!
    Anonymous said...
    I am fairly certain this blog is written by a 15 year old after school in his room with fire trucks on the walls.

    Your rumors make no sense, you cannot spell, and you generally have no idea what you are talking about. Give it up, Eklunds already done it.
    Anonymous said...
    I am a lawyer and I am telling you flat out when you report that someone has suggested members of a group have or are using drugs, no problem. BUT, if you then proceed to speculate and name names like you did, you are commiting SLANDER. "defamatory words falsely spoken of a person, which impute to the party unfitness to perform the duties of an office or employment of profit, or the want of integrity in the discharge of duties of such an office or employment" You can rant and rave all you want, but the fact is you took someones generalization and attached specifics to it. This makes you guilty of slander and could be successfuly sued by Neil, Foligno, Volchenkov and Alfredsson. The punishment varies but, each player could sue you seperately for say 50,000.00 each. If you don't have a spare 200,000 lying around I strongly suggest you remove those names and issue a public apology. Also saying "everyone is entitled to their opinion" is dangerously stupid. Your opinion of player X might be he is a jerk, or a lousy player BUT if you publish your opinion that he beats his wife, writes bad cheques, or TAKES DRUGS, you my friend have committed a crime. Hope you are starting to get it......
    Anonymous said...
    Go to Google and type in "Victor Gutierrez slander" If you are joking with your buddy in the bar and say "that guy is a queer" and forget about it 10 seconds later you're probably O.K. If however, you go home and pull out your computer go on to your pathetic little blog and type in black and white "Blank Blank is queer" you better have a good lawyer.I really do believe you are either very young or not well educated to think what you have done is alright. Imagine if one of the player's children you directly mentioned read this.Anyways, keep it up and you will find out on your own.
    Anonymous said...
    Priceless. Based on the names you implicated and the characters you slandered, it appears as if you confused performing enhancing drugs with cocaine.

    Now I'm convinced that your sources and the stuff you hear is true. Obviously, people within the organization won't have a problem mentioning stuff to the retard handing out paper towels in the SBP washroom for spare change, I doubt they expect you to be able to work a computer and form proper sentences.
    Anonymous said...
    Credibility??You're shittin us right????
    Anonymous said...
    Dude, is anyone on your side on this? I seriously think no one comes here to support your take on things, they just come here to insult your dumbass.
    Please do yourself a favour & give this up, It's too late for damage control. Believe me when I tell you that is not to insult you ONCE AGAIN, but now it's to HELP you.
    Anonymous said...
    For the lawyer out there he has actually committed libel. Don't let the small legal details get in the way of a good rant, i hope i don't have the misfortune of ever hiring you.
    Anonymous said...
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